Qustomquinns: Reviewer for July 2016


Introducing Quinn,  an artist, blogger, and multimedia designer of fashion blog qustomquinns.com. We love her review of VivTote and sharing with you all.

Here’s what Quinn had to say about VivTote.

“VivTote is perfect for the girl with little to no time to browse jewelry. VivTote takes care of finding pieces that truly match your style – all you have to do is wear them! How easy is that?

When my newest VivTote box came in the mail this month, I was beyond thrilled to see this hot pink Kate Spade number. Since I like to keep most of my outfits neutral, a brightly colored handbag goes with 80% of my wardrobe. Remember my gorgeous ring from the beginning of the summer? Also from VivTote!”


“I love my VivTote box! The pieces that were included were simple and chic. The gold tones really suited my style. They could be paired with multiple outfits – both casual and office-wear.”

Here are a few of the accessories Quinn Received in her first two VivTotes:

  1. Wanderlust & Co Double cage crystal ring , MRP $39
  2. Kate Spade grand street Calico , MRP $318

quinn 2 - voguetote

Thanks, Quinn! Can’t wait to see how you style your Kate Spade handbag sent by VivTote.

Images by Chris Marciano 



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