The Sensible Shopaholic: Reviewer for January 2017

Jenny Donnell is a former IT consultant turned stay-at-home mom and fashion blogger. She started a blog, The Sensible Shopaholic (, about a year and a half ago as a creative outlet to keep her mind off the craziness of life with two toddlers.She says she found blogging is the best way possible to share her love of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and sale shopping. You can also follow her on Instagram (@thesensibleshopaholic) to keep up on her daily outfits and trends, including her usage of VivTote

She says she found blogging is the best way possible to share her love of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and sale shopping. You can also follow her on Instagram (@thesensibleshopaholic) to keep up on her daily outfits and trends, including her usage of VivTote

Jenny describes her style as carefree, comfortable, practical, colorful, casual, on-trend, preppy-ish, sophisticated and affordable.
Jenny says she LOVED her first set from VivTote. She went on to say “Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to mix in designer handbags and jewelry with pieces you already own and love? I also enjoyed the surprise of receiving new pieces on my doorstep each month. My stylist did a great job at selecting pieces off my wish list that work well with my personal style.”
Her message to any potential VivTote user is “VivTote is a great way to try out new designer bags and jewelry on a budget. There are several pricing options, which are very affordable and the service is so much fun!”
Thank you, Jenny, for being our January Reviewer of the Month for January! Keep on sharing your exquisite style with the world!

Elif: Reviewer for Dec 2016

Elif is the writer and creator of the lifestyle blog TheBoxQueen and has enjoyed being styled by VivTote!

Through her blog she encourages other women to be their best selves; stylish, chic, fit and healthy at any age & any stage of their lives.

In her recent VivTote she received:

The Rebecca Minkoff Paris Sadle Bag , MRP $295

Wanderlust & Co Armour Ring, MRP $59

Kate Spade Apple of my eye studs, MRP $48

Her personal style involves mixing unexpected colors together. She creates casual chic looks as much as she loves going all out for more glam outfits.



Her message to VivTote viewers is, “My first ever VivTote was a huge success. Not only did I absolutely love the Rebecca Minkoff bag I wish listed and received but I also wore the Kate Spade apple studs almost every day I had it.”

Hey Elif, we are glad you loved your first VivTote! You are absolutely rocking the pieces you received in your first set!


High Heeled Vogueaholic: Reviewer for Nov 2016

Kash owns the fashion blog High Heeled Vogueaholic and obsesses the latest fashion trends.  She inspires all to escape from the mundane lifestyle and live like a true Vogueaholic.

While she can perfect her shoe closet herself, for handbags and jewelry she relies on VivTote.
In her latest VivTote she received the Fringe Bruni Bucket by Rebeccca Minkoff, MRP $275  . We love how she styled it with her suede dress!

She lives by the Style manta, the more glamorous the better!


Her message to VivTote customers is, “Accessories have great power to transform anyone into their better self so make use of this fact to your advantage, subscribe to VivTote and get accessorized in designer styles every day for less!”

Lizzie In Lace: Reviewer for Oct 2016

Elizabeth, our reviewer for October is a fashion blogger, guitar instructor and substitute teacher!

She owns the fashion blog LizzieInLace.

In her most recent VivTote she received:

Kate Spade Perry Lane Romy , MRP $328

Loren Hope mini sarra cuff, MRP $78

Wanderlust & Co Double Bar Ring, MRP $35

She loved her set so much that she took it with her all the way to Venice! The Perry lane Romy looks great on her and adds a pop of color to her beige dress and to the serenity of Venice.

She says, “Viv tote is a fun way to change up your accessories each month. I love that I can wear designer items without paying the price.”!

Alleigh: Reviewer for September 2016


Alleigh is a recent college graduate who is a YouTuber & fashion blogger, soon starting a a PR firm of her own!

In her first VivTote she received the Rebecca Minkoff mini Leo Clutch in gold and just fell in love with it.

She says, “I got the cutest Rebecca Minnoff “Leo” clutch in gold, and as an August baby who’s zodiac sign is the Lion, I fell in love with it! I got so many compliments on it when I wore it out!

In her most recent VivTote she received the Kate Spade Cedar Street Cami in lemonade, MRP $148.


Her message to the viewers, “If you’re someone, like myself, who loves the look of designer pieces, but don’t necessarily want to spend the money on the more “fun” pieces, VivTote is perfect for you. I’m a huge advocate for renting designer pieces! ”

Alleigh you rocked the handbags and jewels and we loved styling you.


Member Spotlight: Madeleine Deirdre

Madeleine Deirdre is a  full-time student and artist and has enjoyed being a VivTote member.

In her most recent VivTote she received:

  1. Kate Spade Cedar Street Cami , MRP $148
  2. Baleen Parallelogram Necklace, MRP $38

She says, “I loved my VivTote. It was so fun to challenge myself to be creative with the new styles of accessories I was given.”

We asked her what’s her style statement and she said, “My style  is honest. It reflects the many aspects of me, whether that’s through a pair of yoga pants or a sundress.

pic 1

Her message to potential VivTote customers is, “find new ways to express yourself, whether that’s through a VivTote accessory or that art class you’ve been wanting to take.”

Madeleine, we admire your exploratory attitude and love styling you.



Bohemianbythebay: Reviewer for August 2016

Meet Lauren, a full-time financial consultant and a fashion blogger living in San Francisco, soon moving to LA.

Lauren owns the fashion blog Bohemianbythebay . She has been receiving VivTote for 2 months now and here is how she styled her most recent VivTote.

Designer accessories she received in her current VivTote were:

  1. Michael kors Messenger crossbody, MRP $228
  2. Loren Hope mini cuff in petal, MRP $78

Lauren says, “I love VivTote for the quality of items that you get through the service. In my most recent VivTote, I received a lovely Michael Kors bag and Loren Hope bracelet.

We love how she added a pop of color with her bag from VivTote to her gray t-shirt dress.

Her style is a mix of bohemian and chic. She says, “I love to pair bohemian pieces with city chic items inspired by my time living in San Francisco!”

lauren post 2 pic 4

Also checkout her styling of her first VivTote

Her message to the viewers, “Give VivTote a try! It’s subscription-based service, so why not?! You can get multiple designer purses and jewelry a month for less than you would spend buying one!”

Lauren, your style is indeed a fashion inspiration for many and am sure over viewers will love it!


Member Spotlight: Jess Baker



Jess Baker has been receiving handbags and jewels from VivTote for two months and absolutely loves it!

In her most recent VivTote, she received:

  1. Loren Hope Bay blue cuff , MRP $88
  2. Kate Spade Newburry Lane crossbody , MRP $158

She says” I adore my purse @KateSpade and bay blue cuff @lorenhope I got this month!”

In her first month, she received a Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise 13397511_288469041500795_1971278009_n(1)

Jess, we adore how you style the VivTote accessories and love curating your set!



Qustomquinns: Reviewer for July 2016


Introducing Quinn,  an artist, blogger, and multimedia designer of fashion blog We love her review of VivTote and sharing with you all.

Here’s what Quinn had to say about VivTote.

“VivTote is perfect for the girl with little to no time to browse jewelry. VivTote takes care of finding pieces that truly match your style – all you have to do is wear them! How easy is that?

When my newest VivTote box came in the mail this month, I was beyond thrilled to see this hot pink Kate Spade number. Since I like to keep most of my outfits neutral, a brightly colored handbag goes with 80% of my wardrobe. Remember my gorgeous ring from the beginning of the summer? Also from VivTote!”


“I love my VivTote box! The pieces that were included were simple and chic. The gold tones really suited my style. They could be paired with multiple outfits – both casual and office-wear.”

Here are a few of the accessories Quinn Received in her first two VivTotes:

  1. Wanderlust & Co Double cage crystal ring , MRP $39
  2. Kate Spade grand street Calico , MRP $318

quinn 2 - voguetote

Thanks, Quinn! Can’t wait to see how you style your Kate Spade handbag sent by VivTote.

Images by Chris Marciano